Culture of Awakening
Cultivating and Harvesting Wisdom


The 19th Biennial INEB Conference and Celebrating 30th Anniversary of INEB
Deer Park Institute, Bir, India


22 – 24 October 2019

Overview of INEB’s 2019 Conference

This year’s INEB conference theme is The Culture of Awakening – Cultivating and Harvesting Wisdom. The theme addresses the complexities and contradictions modern societies are facing. More to the point, whether the universal values of peace, freedom and social progress are being upheld through human rights, dignity and democratic principles. Do these universal values conflict with, or complement Buddhist teachings and practice?

Every two years INEB convenes an international gathering of kalyanamitra or spiritual friends. During these gatherings, which are known as INEB Conferences, opportunities are provided to openly discuss and plan ways of addressing current social issues. Each conference location is rotated among its members. In this way the host organization provides an opportunity to increase understanding of its country context and challenges unique to it home community. The 2019 Conference is being jointly organised by INEB, Siddhartha’s Intent Society and the Deer Park Institute.

Conference Venue – Deer Park Institute, Bir, India

Deer Park Institute is a project under Siddhartha’s Intent Society, a registered educational society, that was formed in March 2006 by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche. Deer Park is a centre for the study and practice of classical Buddhist and Indian wisdom traditions, infused with both spirit of the ancient Nalanda and the freshness of contemporary expression. It is a place which nurtures a spirit of non-sectarianism in Buddhist and other philosophical traditions; and which also builds deep relationships with the local Indian and Tibetan communities through understanding the problems faced by them and bringing positive changes. Please visit the Deer Park website for more information at –

Conference Goal and Objectives

The overall and long-term goal of the conference is to stimulate awakening to the profound and enduring teachings of the Buddha that can bring about personal and social transformation through reflection and social action. The specific conference objectives are to:

  • Reconnect to the rich Buddhist and spiritual heritage, its arts, customs, social institutions and achievements as a means of confronting contemporary forms of greed, anger, and delusion, such as consumerism, targeted acts of violence, and over immersion in social media.
  • Realize the benefits of awakening through transforming the contradictions perpetuated through globalization, structural violence, cultural intolerance and so forth. The new realization can happen through social action in areas of environmental resilience, peaceful coexistence for pluralistic societies, gender equality, youth empowerment, and sustainable growth.
  • Celebrate INEB’s 30th Anniversary and expand the spirit of kalyanamitra among the INEB members and beyond.

The conference theme of “Culture of Awakening” seeks to further develop INEB’s 10 Year Strategic Roadmap launched in 2017 to expand its outreach to emerging like-minded social movements. This will help INEB more fully realize the potential of Socially Engaged Buddhism to engender social justice, cultural inclusivity and diversity, transformative learning, and the harmonization of ecology and economy.

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