Date: 27th ? 29th Nov. 2011
Arranged by-Shakyamuni Kapilvastu Buddha Vihar
Place: Panchayti Dharamshala.Sri Ganganagar,Rajasthan, India

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In during the whole retreat was going on how can understand reality and generate happiness for own self and other. Second thing how we make World view and take responsibility for make better life and community. If we are Buddhist practitioner than how can understand our personal, social and universal responsibility gives the result to make sustain future. How can we apply Buddhist practice in daily life and how can become relevant it? Participants came from under the Youth Buddhist Society of India (YBS) Rajasthan,in India. They were interested to learn dharma Theravada and Mahayana traditions.

Youth Buddhist Society of India (YBS) is a volunteer, non-governmental, non-sectarian, non-profit, non-political people’s development movement based on engaged Buddhism established on 1986 in Sankisa, Uttar Pradesh – India.

YBS has brought about grass root initiative, involvement and development of mind among thousand of villagers and human race in India.If we see the previous Buddhist Retreat,they gave spiritual support and inspired YBS?s mission in another state. Many people try to Dhamma practice in our daily life where they are live and not they concerned only about spiritual site but they concerned about Environmental issues. YBS also promote awareness to reduce plastic in community, and to become familiar with environment by Buddhist practice.

Buddhist Retreat?s main purpose is how Buddha?s teaching becomes relevant for human life & nature harmony can. Buddha?s teachings have so much strength to protect community and environment problems when people try to Buddhist practice in daily life. Or we can say that ?Buddha?s teaching can give us sustain future. It?s not enough here with out Buddha?s teaching we can?t live our life. The Buddha?s word give togetherness, harmony, loving kindness, compassion, deep understanding, listening capacity, ideal leadership, confidence, tolerance, full freedom and personal and universal responsibility in life. These are regions of retreat. That?s why YBS organizes Buddhist Retreat in Hindi every year.


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