Popular Buddhism in Siam Other Essays on Thai studies


In 1986 The Social Science Association of Thailand published Essays on Thai  Folklore by Phya Anuman Rajadhon to mark the author s eightiethb birthday anniversary. On that  occasion the National Library also honoured him by opening a Phya Anuman Rajadhon Libbrary within its premises. Unfortunately the book was not well edited  and contained a large number of printing errors. Yet the book was praised as Phya Anuman was the authority on several aspects of Thai  Studies.  In the 1970s , Duang Kamol Press contacted me as representative of the Sathirakoses-Nagapradipa Foundation, which holds copyrights of all writing of the late Phya Anuman  and asked to have the book reprinted. I granted permission on condition that the publishers must correct all printing errors before going to the press. They did try but the new edition was almost as imperfect as the first edition.

The Sathirakoses-Nagapradipa Foundation still have in their possession other English  writings by Phya Anuman, which should be put in a book from to complement Essay on Thai Folklore. Hence this volume: Popular Buddhism in siam and other Essays on Thai Studies, which was written by the author. They appeared in many journal and booklets, which we collected together as we feel they would serve some useful purpose for those who wish to understand aspects of various Thai culture. Although they were written one, two or even more than three decades ago, they could still be helpful to those who wish to dip into Thai Studies.

In order to have the new book published oroperly, we decided to produce it ourselves i.e. the Sathirakoses-Nagapradipa Foundationin collaboration with the Thai Inter-Religious Commission for Development which are joint publishers for the publication. Since I am in command of both organizations,there will not be any excuse for serious imperfections in this new edition.

I would like to thank Committee members  as  well  as some  members of staff of the two organizations and also those who  work for the Asian Cultural Forum On Development, who helped us with collecting the articles, editing them and reading the proofs. I would  also like to thank those foreign scholars and editors of various journals who allowed us to have those articles reprinted here in a bookform.

I must mention the following names who helped us more than usual: Anant Viriyapinit, NandaChareonpan, Therry Silver, Max Ediger, Uthai Dulyakasem, Sa-nga Luechapattana-porn, Wilaiwan Ruengtorsakdi, Dew Tint Tint Than and Ampiwal Chuayunyongkul, without whose painstaking efforts,this book would never be published.

In order for foreigners to know more about the author, I add in the appendix my lecture on Phya Anuman, as a personal tribute to my late mentor and teacher

I trust this volume will be usrful to the readers, no less than his Essays on Thai Folklore.

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