Hidden away in the folds of time : the unwritten dimension of Sulak Sivaraksa


Suksit Siam, founded by Ajahn Sulak 50 years ago published the Thai version of this book Hidden away in the folds time: The unwritten dimension of Sulak Sivaraksa to mark his 84th birthday on 27 March 2017. The book is a series of interviews with Ajahn Sulak by Pracha Hutanuwatr, a student and colleague of Ajahn for decades. The book has now been translated into English by Zia Collins Free and edited by Jane Rasbash.  Pracha is now running Awakening Leadership Training course in affiliation with INEB.

We have also added some recent  lectures of Ajahn Sulak at Thammasat University translated from Thai,and his lecture at Ahmedabad,India and Vienna Jordan Baskerville translated Ajahn Sulak’s article ”Thai Buddhism in Transition”to include in this volume,also.

I hope that this volume will help the the reader to understand Ajahn Sulak and his thinking. INEB had hoped to publish a biography of Ajahn Sulak written by Matteo Pistono on his 84th birthday,27 March 2017.But at that time the Thai criminal law; especially article 112; could result in arrest for lese-majeste, so it was put on hold. The biography will now be published abroad. This volume could be a companion one to his biography and Matteo himself very kindly wrote the foreword to this volume.

I would like to thank everyone involved with producing this testimony to our Ajahn especially, Jessica Armour for kindly read the last proofs.

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