12th – 15th October 2012

Exchange platform: ?Roles of young generations in Agroecology?

Why? To build the capacity of young leaders, especially in networking and encourage continuing and long-term engagement among them.

Where? At Tha Tang Organic Farm in Sekong province, Laos; a pioneer farm founded and entirely run by young people.

The 4-days exchange platform will encourage young leaders to learn from each other?s experience and develop long-term and continuing relationships. It will also include topics such as ?Future challenges for agroecology in Asia?, ?Happiness and Wellbeing approach to development? or ?Power of new media and ICT for public communication?.



16th – 19th Oct 2012 

9th Asia-Europe People?s Forum

Why? To contribute to creating a strategy among organizations in Asia and Europe in order to strengthen roles of the new generation in organic agriculture and agro-ecology in Mekong region and Asia.

Where? In Vientiane Capital, Laos

Within a panel entitled ?Occupy Your Life: Young Farmers? Perspective on the Future of Food Sovereignty?, the meeting will focus on roles of youth leaders in contributing to positive change on sustainable resource management in agriculture.


CR: http://www.schoolforwellbeing.org/content?id=74

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