Help build the strategy and campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Convention (global abolition treaty):
? Join the Abolition 2000 Nuclear Weapons Convention Working Group.
? Attend the next NWC strategy meeting in New York this October

Dear Friends

Since 1995, Abolition 2000 has been promoting the global abolition of nuclear weapons through a nuclear weapons convention (international treaty) and a number of other measures that would support this goal, such as an end to nuclear testing, the immediate de-alerting of all nuclear forces, establishment of regional nuclear-weapon-free zones, rescinding nuclear deterrence, application of international law to nuclear policies, prevention of an arms race in outer space and promotion of safe renewable energy sources as an alternative to nuclear energy.

Promotion of a Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC) has been coordinated through the Abolition 2000 NWC Working Group ? an informal network of Abolition 2000 members. Working group members have advanced a number of initiatives including a UN resolution calling for negotiations on a NWC, drafting aModel NWC which is now promoted by the UN Secretary-General in his five-point plan for nuclear disarmament, assisting Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament
in parliamentary resolutions supporting a NWC, building high level support for a NWC (e.g. through former heads of government and nobel laureates), building and demonstrating public support for a NWC and much more. See Nuclear Weapons Convention Working Group Report.

The working group shares information and discusses strategy through the abolition 2000 caucus list-serve,Abolition 2000 Updates, at Abolition 2000 Annual Meetings, and at NWC working group meetings which are scheduled to coincide with other international events. The next working group meeting will take place in New York in October 2012 during the first three weeks of the UN General Assembly First Committee (date to be finalized between Oct 1-19).

Please let us know if you would like to:
1. Join the Abolition 2000 NWC working group. Click here.
2. Attend the next working group meeting in New York in October. Click here if interested.

Yours sincerely
Alyn Ware
Convener, Abolition 2000 NWC Working Group
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