May 22, 2011 ? 

Cambodian and Thai Buddhists and those who are concerning about harmony between Cambodian and Thai joined to celebrate the Buddha?s Day (Visakha Puja) by conducting Dhammayietras and ceremonies in order to cultivate peace and harmony between Cambodian and Thai and to pay gratitude to the Buddha who showed the way to peace and to remind people about Dhammic practice. The walk also call the world to give up the violent culture to peaceful culture.

At least there were 500 people participated totally. The Dhammayietras started separately in Cambodia and Thailand and finally ended at Wat Mai Thong in Aranh Prathet, Sakeo province in Thailand. At Cambodian side, the walk started at Wat Chansi Samki Rotanaram, Kob commune, Aurchrov district and stopped over at Wat Chen Wan Seimaram (Wat Mong Chen) in Sankha Poilpet, Poilpet city, where they celebrated the last Visakha Puja and Dhammic/Peace talks before their representatives continue to match with Thai group at the white zone of Poilpet International Entry and walked toward Wat Mai Thong together.  The temperature was 40 decree but people still remained peaceful and finished their plan. By the end of the Dhammayietra, most of the people requested to have more Dhammayietras, at least one a year. It should be noticed that it is the first Dhammayietra since Cambodia and Thailand have been in conflict. Therefore, people were very happy to see it and seemed received a lot of support from people including local authorities. Please have a watch the video of the Dhammayietra for detail.

credit: http://ktpr.wordpress.com/

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