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Dear Ajarn and INEB friends,

On behalf of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship here in the U.S., I send our warmest wishes to Ajarn Sulak on his 80th birthday.  For decades, Ajarn has been a true kalyanamitra to many of us as we walk on the path of socially engaged buddhist work.  We are thankful for Ajarn’s wisdom, courage, and kindness that we have received through personal connections, his prolific writing and inspiring work.  May Ajarn be blessed with good health, joy and happiness always.  And may no harms come to you so that you can spend the next few decades without worries :-).

FYI:  On the eve of Ajarn’s 80th birthday, he still did not stop making waves.  And this time, it might actually be a reallly Big One!   Ajarn made history with his appearance on Thai PBS (public television) a few days ago, debating with another academic about the monarchy and its survival.  This is the FIRST time in Thai history that such a dialog was broadcasted on television.  The program ignited fear and hatred in many people and institutions, who viewed the show as dangerous and threatening to the nation.  It is my hope that this will eventually lead to a positive change in how we deal with differences in opinions, politics, etc.

I am sorry I won’t be able to attend the event in Bangkok.  Hoping to see photos or video from the celebration later :-).

peace and love,


Anchalee Kurutach


16th March, 2013

To the most venerable Ajarn Sulak,

It is such a joy and honor to be a part of the celebration events for your eightieth birthday. Bound by my heavy duties here in Taiwan, it is a pity that I cannot make the trip to Bangkok and dedicate my cordial birthday wishes for you in person. However, despite the geographical distance between us, I have always felt very close to you because you have always been a role model in my mind. All the continuous efforts you have made, all the support you have provided, and all the writings and actions you have produced for Buddhism, for all sentient beings, for world peace, for justice, and for our environment have inspired me and encouraged me to follow your footsteps and go all out to take up the challenges posed by these urgent tasks. 

A respectable senior with compassion and wisdom shall be blessed with health and longevity. I pray with all my heart that, for the sake of all sentient beings, and for the lasting benefits Buddha Dharma may bring to the world, you shall stay with us and work with us all for the long years to come. 

May you enjoy all the blessings, merits, and longevity! 

With heart-felt reverence and best wishes, 

Bhikshuni Chao-Hwei 

BPF_Aj.Sulak's 80th BD


Dear Ajarn Sulak,

I’m sending you my warmest wishes on this auspicious 80th birthday of yours.

You have always been a source of inspiration and I really appreciate the engaged buddhistic thoughts and actions you’ve been manifesting throughout your life in trying to make our world a better place to live.  May you enjoy excellent health, longevity and may you be able to continue serving all sentient beings in the many more years to come. 

with love & gratitude,



Dear Ajarn Sulak, 

Congratulations on your 80th birthday. I hope you will have many more years of creativity and troublemaking. It is not an exaggeration to say that the arc of my life curved radically since we met more than two decades ago. I am grateful for the time we have had together — in your home, in ours, and in the fields of engaged Buddhism. And I am aware that so many of my closest friends and comrades have come from your own wide circle of Buddhists, activists, and thinkers. Please take good care. 

With Love, 
Hozan Alan Senauke 
INEB AC/Clear View Project



in Stockholm


Congratulations to Ajarn Sulak on your 80th birthday, and with deep appreciation and gratitude for your life of commitment to the dharma and social change, and may the seeds of wisdom and peace continue to find fertile ground and flourish.

in love and peace,

Jill Jameson


Great joy to Ajahn on this occasion.

Joan Halifax

Dear Ajahn

I am late in my birthday greetings! A thousand pardons!
It was great to see your photo with Thay sent by Moo today. It is a great example of your kalyanamitra style as I know you have talked very directly with him about problems you see in his community from the outside. And yet he still offers you his blessings!

Such paramita to stay in relationship with people and to continue the bodhisattva work of a million kalpas is the main reason I am here with INEB now in my 23rd year! It is due to your kindness and generosity over and over the years!

With all great blessings and metta to you and your family on this auspicious occasion!
and a cherry blossom (not a lotus) for you (attached but without attachment)!



Dear Ajan,

Greetings to the man who plants wisdom on his 80th birthday! May you live long and continue to plant wisdom, which is so much needed. I called yesterday with a lot of help from my youngest daughter and managed to restore my email accounts. I arrived back home in McLean and hand delivered your gift to Dawa. She reverently touched her forehead to it and it is now sitting on our shrine. 

I had a wonderful visit to Thailand and I am so satisfied with the time that I was able to spend with you at your home. I needed both to bounce some of my ideas but also to let some steam off. 

The discussions that I had with Harsha and Moo were constructive and meaningful. I will have an opportunity to continue the discussion with Harsha at Tashi’s wedding. I’m also going to try and nail down some date for our proposed dialogue with Professor Samdhong Rinpoche and you. 

I will be with Samdhong Rinpoche in about 10 days time in Chicago. I will call Moo when I am with Rinpoche to discuss the best time for our get together. I am quite excited about it. 

We are going to truly miss you at the wedding but at the same time we understand that unless you master time travel it is impossible for you to be there because of your long time commitment in NY. Anyway, I would like to be able to invite you to Gangtok, Sikkim sometime in the near future. Tashi was very touched with the wedding gift from you and Mrs. Sulak. Your Buddha image will no doubt become part of their shrine. She will write to you personally to thank you but I also told her of your kind invitation to come to Bangkok for their honeymoon. 

Finally could you or Moo convey my warm regards to my Sri Lankan friend Raja Dharmapala for his ordination on your birthday. 

With respect and love from Dawa and our youngest, who is still fortunately with us. 

Lodi Gyari

Dear Achan,  

I remember the first time we met: I was an intern, assisting, at one important conference or another.  
My job was to take care of important leaders.  
I was new, and unfamiliar, and so I asked you who you were.  
And you said, “I am a trouble maker.”  

May you make trouble for many more years to come! 


Matthew Weiner, Ph.D. 
Associate Dean  
Office of Religious Life 
Princeton University


Dear and Respected Ajarn Sulak Sivaraksa,  

My sincere greetings, felicitations and good wishes for your 80th birthday. Your meaningful life have been source of happiness and the aspiration for countless people. Your service to the Buddha Sasana andsentient beings had been exemplary. Wish you a very very long and healthy life.  With respectful regards, 

 Yours sincerely, 

Samdhong Rinpoche

Dear Ajarn Sulak:

Many years ago, when I was beginning my studies and advocacy  in the field of people-centred development , human rights and education, I learned about your dedicated and courageous work for justice, sustainability  and peace.  This learning was truly inspirational and nurturing. It helped to open my mind and heart  to the vital role of engaged Buddhism and spirituality  in building a  culture of inner and social peace.  

In deep gratitude for your sharing of  wisdom, loving-kindness   and compassion, may I send my warmest wishes for a very joyful and peaceful 80th birthday celebration!

In peace and solidarity

Toh Swee-Hin (S.H.Toh)

Distinguished Professor
University for Peace, Costa RicaLaureate, UNESCO
Prize for Peace Education (2000)
Tel:   +506-22490821        
Fax:  +506-22491929



Dear Ajarn Sulak,

I wish you a very Happy 80th Birthday on 27 March.

On this very special day, the Jungto Society Sangha and I wish you good health, longevity and happiness in countless years ahead, and in your continued spiritual journey to practice and spread the Buddha’s teaching, wisdom and loving-kindness.
I will see you soon in New York! 

With all my best wishes,

Venerable Pomnyun
from Seoul, Korea


Ajarn sulak, a very great  Buddhist visionary personality of 21st century

Ode to the victorios One

We?re living in this planet ?

The Earth, as a part of human beings

Longing for happiness and serenity…

We?re indeed designed to live in mutual co-operation!

This is how we define living beings at least a human!

By living we mean that we?re not individuals, are we?!

Indeed, we?re, but a collection of individuals ?

Whose existence is reliability of larger intelligence!

Ajarn Sulak is an individual who is the tangible quintessence ?

Of the harmonious living in the light of wisdoms of the Buddha,

Whose embodiment he manifests and admired around the world.

With respectfully… my union with him echoes genuine compassion

Since memorable time, he who stands firmly

In the righteous quality of teachings of Buddha ?

Compassion embracing all wisdoms?

Is indeed a blessing upon this earth!

With immense reverence and humble beginning,

It reminded me of the life of Siddhartha the Gautama ?

Which Ajarn Sulak apparently demonstrate in his life time

Risen above all individuals to embrace oneness of the humanity.

Being a son of upper middle class in Siam

During the period of monarchy to militaristic regime,

His pursue of higher education in the world of material consumerism

Has brought about the radical transformation in him.

Just like Siddhartha the Gautama, he too was discontented

In the midst of all the material conveniences –

He sensed the shallowness in his artificial existence,

Thus drawing him back into the inner world of spirituality.

Then he identified himself as the social activist

Bringing justice to the native people of his hometown and thebeyond

While facing many confrontations with the perpetrators

He certainly raised above all the injustices.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhiji –

First they blame you, and then they fight with you

Then you are victory in the eyes of justice

Such was the episode in Ajarn Saluk?s trails.

With the dexterous scholarly wits

He engraved numerous influential critiques on global issues

Such as, consumerism, globalization and ecology

And then the religious and social discrimination.

He has played a vital role in awakening the masses

Through his eloquent yet provocative speeches

By imparting the basic principles of Buddha Dhamma

Into the facades of socio-cultural and religious problems.

As a teacher, he is the taught

Where the teaching is an inevitable part of his action.

His teaching contemplates on various conflicts

With a sensible yet realistic approach.

As a scholar, he is the scholarship –

A ship of knowledge embarked upon the profound learning.

His unquenchable knowledge embraces unswerving insight

Into the daily activities and dealings.

As an activist, he is the activation –

Whose motion is the epithet of Bodhisattva?s deeds.

His unselfish yet outspoken actions are immaculate

Like dispelling the darkness out of the light of compassion.

As a leader, he is the guardian

Guarding ignorance of social ills from the wisdom of clear awareness

Encompassing the skillful means and the realistic methods

To facilitates future leadership in commencing the predicament.

As a Kalyanamitra, his unwavering compassion to all sentient beings

Especially to me and my organization in Ladakh is  indeed very great!

Transforming the desolate land into the oasis of peaceful inclined community

Which aim at harmonious living with nature and spirituality.

More than 20 years back, Ajarn Sulak was one of the first Peron to visit Ladakh and took part in the foundation laying ceremonies of our organization, the Mahabodhi International meditation Centre. He had graciously laid the Foundation stone for the Mahabodhi Library which was name after the Prince Mahidol Centenial Library

Ajarn Sulak persuaded the illustrious Princess. Her Royal Highness, Kalayani Vadhana, sister of his majesty the king of Thailand to make initial donation for this project. Thus Ajarn Sulak has been   important part of the one of the fast growing Buddhist NGO Mahabodhi International meditation Centre MIMC in the western Himalayas of India!

Ever since the Organization-MIMC has been contributing very greatly in all field of Human society such as Education, medical, empowerment of women and nuns, care for homeless elderly and blind children, environmental and sustainable development, interfaith, world peace and promotion of global family.  Mediation and modernizing and revitalizing Buddhism etc

My enduring friendship with Ajarn Sulak is like a radiant light

Whom I draw constant energy to face the obstacles on my path

And cherish sincerely his extraordinary qualities on love and compassion

Which for me is the true source peerless friendship.

On his glorious 80th birthday celebration I, Bhikkhu Sanghasena along with all my Sangha members, members, staff and students of Mahabodhi International meditation center Leh Ladakh, India humbly cherish the moment

to lionize Ajarn Sulak Sivaraksa to whom his inimitable name

manifesting his rightful proclamation on True Compassion and with wisdom.

May all the Buddhas and Bodhistavas shower their blessings upon Dear AJarn Sulak!

May you live long with perfect health to continue your service to Buddhasana!

With immense love and regards

Bhikkhu Sanghasena

Founder president

Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre,Ladakh


Venerable Sangha Sena

Mahabodhi Int’l Meditation Centre,

P.O. Box # 22, Leh Ladakh, INDIA

Tel: +91-1982-264372 


From Inson and Venetia and the committee and members of the Dhamma Park Foundation

To Ajahn Sulak 

 With heartfelt admiration and congratulations on achieving eighty years of  age . Your tireless efforts to uphold the Buddhist principles in all you have achieved , for the positive development of society , is an example for us all to keep going in the right direction and planting seeds of Peace. We wish you good health and happiness. 

 Website: www.dhammapark.com

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