What? An online training with six sessions on how to make language teaching lively, effective, and connected with the experience and social world of the students.

For Whom? English teachers who are citizens of Myanmar, Thailand, or Malaysia.

When? Six Saturday mornings beginning September 10th and ending October 15th .

Where? Online

Why? It will be a good chance to think about and expand on your current teaching practice
and how you can encourage and support others through your teaching. And it will be fun
to get to know each other and learn together online.

How? Complete the application form below and send to the  director@inebinstitute.org by August 27th, 2022 (an early application increases your chance of acceptance), then pass the selection process (with interview), and attend all six sessions.

How much? Free, if you are selected! We are grateful to a grant from the Regional English
Language Office (RELO) of the US Embassy.

Visit the INEB Institute website for more information: https://inebinstitute.org/senslibretto/ 


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