The INEB ?Young Bodhisattva? Program

International Buddhist Leadership Training for Spiritual Resurgence and Social Innovation
13 June ? 24 July 2007 Bangkok, Thailand

The program, as the young Buddhist capacity building program for INEB members, is therefore developed so as to promote leadership for spiritual resurgence as well as social innovation among your people of the Buddhist communities in Asia.


With the prevailing global problem of poverty and accompanied social sufferings such as ecological devastation, human rights violation, cultural crisis, consumerist, unethical and idle lifestyle, discrimination of all kinds etc., now humankind is right at the point that we need to make our world a livable, just, peaceful and sustainable place.

As an important start, young people are a key. They should be aware of their ability to develop themselves and contribute to community/society they can live dignified life.  Their role in social responsibility should be encouraged and equipped with holistic intellectual knowledge, sound spiritual foundation, creativity and compassionate action.

The program, as the young Buddhist capacity building program for INEB members, is therefore developed so as to promote leadership for spiritual resurgence as well as social innovation among your people of the Buddhist communities in Asia.

Participant qualification:

  • Buddhists from any traditions
  • Female or male, Ordained or laity
  • Good command of English
  • Age between 20 ? 35
  • From South or Southeast Asian countries
  • With serious interest in radically improving life as well as contributing extensively to society.
  • Those who are new to social activism, and not necessarily from INEB member organizations are also welcome to apply


1. For the participants to realize that the aim of life is to cultivate the inner positive potential of each individual so that he or she can live a better life in service of all beings.
2. For the participants to master the basic skilful means for the cultivation of the positive inner potential of generosity, compassion, cooperation, wisdom, calmness and self-restraint in harming oneself and others.
3. For the participants to understand the structure of violence in society at all levels from village to global community.
4. Expose participants to various ways of working for the betterment of society and ecology and discuss about possible means they can adopt and/or invent for positive change in their own society. This includes the discussion of lessons learned from people of other faiths who are working in the same direction.
5. For participants to cultivate attitudes of inclusiveness and open-mindedness and the skill of dialogue.

Expected outcomes:

  • The participants develop their critical thinking and critical self-awareness.
  • The participants gain self-confidence and self-respect.
  • The participants have awareness of their own individual problems as well as the problems in society.
  • The participants will be inspire and have the skilful means to cultivate inner transformation as well as working with compassion and wisdom for the betterment of those who suffer in society and nature.
  • The participants must be open-minded to people of other faiths and belief systems with the skill to dialogue.

Content covered:

Globalization and social analysis, Buddhist perspectives on economics, education, civil society, gender justice, interfaith cooperation, peace and conflict resolution, ecology issues, exposure visits, socially engaged Buddhist principle, meditation and personal development, and practical skills for social activists.

Application details:

Application form: as per attached
Application period: now until 1st May 2007
Acceptance:  The accepted participants will be announced by 7th May 2007
Scholarship: Those who are accepted are provided scholarship of tuition fee, meals and accommodation and exposure visit expenses, plus a small grant for international economical traveling expense (not includes passport fee and local transportation)


Ms. Lapapan Supamanta
Executive Secretary
International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB)
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Tentative Program
DownloadApplication Form

Date Topic
Before 13 June Arrival
13 – 16 Jun 07 Orientation

Community Building

17 – 21 Jun 07 Meditation for peaceful social change makers
22 June 07 Rest day
23 Jun – 2 July


Understanding of our current situation

? Poverty,

? ecology,

? women issues,

? agriculture,

? consumerism-materialism, etc.

3 – 7 July 07 Part 2: Exposure visit

Visit development projects in Chiang Mai and other northern provinces in Thailand

Reflection on exposure visit

8 – 24 July 07 Socially Engaged Buddhism and Practical skills for social activists.

? Internal Violence vs External violence

? Social analysis from Buddhist perspective

? The movement to find Asian roots.

? Social change and towards a Buddhist approach for a better society

Action plan and Stepping Out Ceremony

25 June 07 Departure
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