YBS_AR_01Dear dhamma friends

Happy new year .

Here we are sending you 3 months ybs activity report  since oct 2010.

20-22 oct 2010

There is annual 3 days retreat at program atsankisa ,

  • Geshe lama  Damdul Director Tibet house was main gur u for retreat .
  • ven sumati from Root institute ,maitre project Buddha Gaya he was the translator and he also lead

meditation and dhamma talk among youth.

Our Kalianmitra Mr Harsha Navratne president Sewalanka foundation  sri lanka  & INEB, mr P.Moo

secretary INEB from Thailand , Mr Prashant verma Director deer park institute beer Himachal state were

attend the program and has special talk for ybs volunteers


Program YBS_AR_oct2010_02

Retreat and dhamma talk 3 days

Meeting with ybs members .

Foundation ceremony of YBS Volunteers training ceremony .

Feed back 25 years of ybs.

– Beneficiary – 500 participants attended 3 days retreat ,

– near about 1000 people join dhamma talk from several sesation


10 Dec H.H.The dali lama teaching at Lucknow


300 ybs members attend his holiness teaching

22-28 vellage Dhamma talk and retreat program

Lead by -Chief Buddhist master Ven sudhammacara from Japan

*22- Dhamma talk in etawa exhibition compound

– Paramount Academy village dugawali etawa up india

*23-24 Retreat program tathagat gautam buddha Vihar, village kamalpur


– 100 people from different village has attended program.

25 -26 Anand Buddha Vihar Village Bhagawantpur


300 people from different village has dhamma talk ..


28 Buddha Vihara foundation ceremony village nagala ratte , Aligung Etaha .


200 people has attended programYBS_AR_oct2010_12

Bodhisattawa traning program 31 dec 2010-2jan 2011


Venue – Ybs center jasrajpur sankisa

-Participants ? 70 volunteers

-Duration -3 days

-Traning subject ? who to develop  BodhichittaYBS_AR_oct2010_15

– 2011 program schedule

– IBF survey planning

– ybs volunteers training center construction plan

– 7th UPM 2011 program

– sankisa stup visit




Mr sunil Bauddha

Representative Dhamma activity

Contect no : +9319537318

Email : sunil_ybs@yahoo.com

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