Professional Trainings

– 12 week all-online courses –

Call for Applications for the First Semester 2011

Term: March 7th – May 27th 2011

Addressed to: post-graduates, government- and non-government
pracitioners, also advanced students


Framework: 12-week all-online course designed for fully-employed 
participants and students, combining autonomous work,
exchange with participants from all over the world and
constant feedback from highly experienced course 

Fees: ?250 for participants from non-OECD countries
?500 for participants from OECD-countries  

Enrollment: You can enroll online, for further information click here

Contact: Transcend Peace University tpu@transcend.org
Executive Secretary Karoline Weber weber@transcend.org

The Transcend Peace University TPU is an all-online university, currently headed by Prof. Dr. Johan Galtung. Our inter-disciplinary courses are designed to cover issues pertaining to peace and development studies. TPU seeks to promote inter-disciplinary peace studies, and make them accessible to as wide a community as possible. For this, we opted for an online format.

As specialists in this domain, we emphasize solution-oriented approaches. Our faculty members are leading peace scholars and internationally recognized mediators. The purpose of TPU, the educational institute of TRANSCEND, is to impart to our participants the knowledge and skills required for professional peace and development work.

TPU equips its participants with analytical and practical competence in conflict-transformation and -resolution. Our methodology draws from more than fifty years of knowledge provided by distinguished researchers and practitioners from all over the world. Imagine studying medicine with Hippocrates, geometry with Euclid, economics with Adam Smith or psychoanalysis with Sigmund Freud.

Please visit www.transcend.org/tpu for further information.


Karoline Weber
– Transcend Peace University –
Schwanallee 29
35037 Marburg

phone:  +49-(0)6421-1769885
mobile: +49-(0)1520-3921434

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