MYANMAR-VIOLENCE  With regards to the oppression and massacre of the minority Rohingya people in Arakan province in Myanmar, the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) and The Malaysian Network of Engaged Buddhists (MNEB) is making an open call to the Myanmar Government and International Community to take immediate action to stop this basic human rights violation.

Amnesty International report (19 July 2012) unveiled targeted attacks and other violations by security forces and Rakhines, against minority Rohingyas includes physical abuse, rape, destruction of property, and unlawful killings.

Myanmar?s National Human Rights Commission also reported  at least 78 people have been killed since the violence began, but unofficial estimates exceed 100.  Amnesty International and UN agencies also report up to 90,000 people have been displaced since the start of this violence.

We are deeply concerned and sadden by this brutal development in what should be a peaceful and civilized era for humankind.

It is the fundamental duty of Buddhists to recognize, acknowledge and seek an end to dukkha (suffering), through spiritual practice anchored on the four principles of Compassion (Karuna), Loving Kindness (Metta), Appreciative Joy (Mudita), and Equanimity (Upekkha).  The practice of spiritual duty can be applied to make deliberate decision to address social issues that threaten peace, justice and freedom.

As we fervently pray for peace to return to the province of Arakan, Malaysian Buddhists call on the Government of Myanmar to take intervention action to avoid  further bloodshed by finding resolution through peaceful and compassionate Buddhist-based teachings.

About The Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) 

YBAM is the leading Buddhist youth organisation in Malaysia, coordinating more than 260 member organisations in the nation through 13 State Liaison Committees. It strives to unite Malaysian Buddhist youth and to develop a society of wisdom, compassion and gratitude.

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About Malaysian Network of Engaged Buddhist (MNEB)

MNEB is a network of Buddhist leaders,  that encourage members to encourage activities that drives social change. MNEB Believes that social change believes must spring from deep spiritual practice and based the philosophy and practice of Kalyana Mitra (spiritual friendship).

Contact: K V Soon (Vidyananda)

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