First of all, we would like to send our condolences to family and friends of Venetia Walkey, who served on the board of INEB since its inception. Venetia was a dedicated Buddhist who supported various initiatives that aimed to create a better society, especially through the field of arts.
As we approach the last 4 months of this year, we are planning to conduct various programs and activities in order to engage and involve more dynamic activists, the socially engaged Buddhist community and the wider public audience. The following are brief descriptions of these activities –
INEB 2017 – 2027 The Way Forward: Engaged Buddhists for a Coming Decade – this is the main over-arching program for INEB to strategize its own framework and focus for the next 10 years. There are a number of thematic areas that we would like to focus on in this period, such as – Supporting Bhikkhunis, the Marginalized Buddhists Network, Platform for Inter-Buddhist Dialogue, Buddhism and Conflict Transformation, Asian Buddhists for Child Protection, Buddhist Economics, Inter-religious Climate and Ecology Network, Eco-temple Community Development, Building Community Religious Leadership, and the INEB Institute of Higher Education.

The INEB Institute will also be holding a few programs

  • – Awakening Leadership Training:
    Towards a New Paradigm of Holistic Sustainability
    September 3, 2017 – January 25, 2018.
    Please visit the following website for more details –
  • English for Engaged Social Service
    January 7 – April 5, 2018.
    Please visit the following website for more details –

INEB and its Myanmar and International partners will hold a Child Protection Conference and Network Founding Meeting on 29 – 31 October 2017 in Mandalay, Myanmar. This event is part of INEB’s Asia Network of Buddhists for Child Protection thematic area. The objectives of this conference are: (1) to formally establish the Asian Buddhist Network for Child Protection and agree on its mission, mandate and priority actions; and, to (2) develop a Myanmar-specific plan of action for ending violence against children, initially in affiliated monastic schools, Dhamma schools, and eventually in other public and private institutions, as well as in families and the community at large. For more information on this event, please contact: secretariat@

The 18th INEB Conference is to be held soon on the 22nd – 26th November 2017 at Hong-Shi Buddhist College, Taiwan. The theme of the Conference is – Interbeing: Transforming Conflict by Compassion with Exposure. Registration for the conference are currently open. Please visit INEB’s website ( for more information.

We are very grateful to host a public talk for the Thai audience on 2nd September 2017 at Thammasat University in Bangkok, by Ven. Pomnyun Sunim, Jungto Society, Korea. He is an inspiration for many people in Siam. INEB has translated and published two of his books into the Thai language, namely ‘Awakening’ and ‘True Happiness: here and now’.
We are anticipating strong participation in our upcoming programs; we hope that activists, the socially engaged Buddhist community, and members of the public who join our events will take back abundant wisdom and knowledge, which will assist them in providing right direction in their personal lives and in their own respective social and humanitarian endeavours.

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