A siamese For All seasons


Here is a collection of papers which places on the record the life, achievements, and the guiding conviction of our distinguished citizen, Dr.Puey Ungphakorn,up to 1977.

Much water has flowed down the Chao Phaya River through Bangkok since then From a distance in time though a short one so far, what was considered  emotionally as controversial some years ago  may now he fairly as evealuated objectively to detect the true nature of Dr.puey’s efforts to serve his  motherland-this Thailand

Only during times critical would men be tested for their Quality of courage and conviction. For courage, twice Dr.Puey did step forth: once in his youth when the survival as an independent Thailand was at stake and recently in his prime when democratic freedom in Thailand was in jeopardy.

For conviction and matters of principle, he was consistently loyal to his chosen career as a conscientious government civil servant and to  his role as a madel citizen. It demanded both  conviction and courage to refuse offers of cabinet posts, highly remunerative jobs, and leadership of a popular political party. He was even aloof to the prospect of becoming prime minister. Yet he gladly helped to establish the Foundation and been serving it faithfully as Vice-President of the Board of Trustees

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