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I’m working on an exciting project called AKSHA?a platform for preserving knowledge within Asian spiritual art traditions* and supporting their application in the contemporary world.

Your pledge will be used towards the design and construction of AKSHA’s first multi-media installation at the Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives in Bangkok next year. It’s an exhibit that could travel to international venues and would supplement AKSHA?s future on-line resource for artists and collectors.



I?ve been in South and Southeast Asia for a year working with artists who uphold spiritual art traditions. These are sculptors, painters, craftsmen and women who study, practice and teach ancient stories and skills. It?s been a fascinating journey! I?ve learned an incredible amount of practical wisdom from them?and realized that you may as well.

So together we are creating AKSHA. Our goal is to give people around the world access to the teachings embedded within spiritual art forms and plug regional artists into a global community.

Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives
Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives

Our first step is to document this knowledge through a website and present it at an exhibition at the spacious Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives in Bangkok. Planned for September 2013, I’m collaborating with the students and teachers at the Pohchang Academy of Art in Bangkok to create an exhibition that will unearth practical and philosophical issues held within the creative techniques and visual forms of Southeast Asian spiritual art.


Partnership is the cornerstone to this project! To fund AKSHA?s upcoming exhibition, I collaborated with emerging designers Nine & Don from Good After Nine to create a unique line of jewelry that is inspired by a common theme found in spiritual art?the unity of contrasting elements like light and dark, life and death.

Gorgeous Bracelets in 4 Designs
Gorgeous Bracelets in 4 Designs

Designed exclusively for AKSHA, the beads are hand-crafted in wax before cast, hand finished and plated in silver. Each bead is 12mm (diameter).

Designs are named according to the beads in them.
Designs are named according to the beads in them.

A contemporary take on prayer beads from various traditions, they can be used both as supports for meditation and worn as elegant accessories day-to-night.

Bracelet: “Transcendence”

Bracelet: “Luminous Ground”

Available Designs

  • “Luminous Ground” (Earrings, Ring, Bracelet)
  • “Luminous Space” (Earrings, Ring, Bracelet)
  • “Luminous Abundance” (Earrings, Ring, Bracelet)
  • “Transcendence” (Bracelet)
Earrings-Ring Set:
Earrings-Ring Set: “Luminous Space”
Earrings: “Luminous Space”
Ring: “Luminous Space”
Earrings: “Luminous Abundance”
Ring: “Luminous Abundance”

Sizing: Rings are adjustable and bracelets are bound by high-density elastic (15-18 cm ideal circumference).

Shipping, Care & Storage: Each piece is individually wrapped in hand-made paper and placed in an air-tight bag within a drawstring pouch. This is the best way to keep silver from tarnishing from moisture. Clean with soap and water, or silver polish. Shipping via registered Air Mail.

More Project Info

Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far for AKSHA:

  • Assembled a super-skilled team from around the planet.
  • Established partnerships with institutions (listed below) and connected with traditional artists from Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, China, India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.
  • Begun to develop design and content for AKSHA?s exhibition.
  • Opened the AKSHA landing pageblog and Facebook page.

AKSHA?s Team:

  • Minette Lee Mangahas ? project director
  • Derek Chung at Tactile Pictures? web program & design
  • Nine, Don, & Win at Good After Nine ? jewelry design & fabrication
  • Patr Srisook at Tenztudio ? photographer & video director
  • We also have a spectacular international Advisory Board.

Institutional Partners:

  • Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives
  • Fulbright Foundation (TUSEF)
  • Pohchang Academy of Art, Rajamangala University


  • Deer Park Institute
  • International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB)
  • Sewalanka Foundation
  • A very special thank you to Walter Kitundu and Robin Sukhadia for letting us their gorgeous music for our video.

Feel free to email me with questions at info@artaksha.com.

* The Asian spiritual art traditions I’m working with at the moment often reflect a shifting mix of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and Christianity. Prayer Beads are also used in Islam.


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

To maintain the highest possible standard of quality, each piece of jewelry is inspected and perfected by hand, requiring time, patience and skill. The entire process requires approximately 4-6 weeks.

Delays may be caused by suppliers of raw materials, slight variations in the casting process, and the level of demand. If we run into significant delays, I’ll let you know why and when we will ship your rewards.

We’re happy to replace a piece if there is a defect that is due to an error in manufacturing.

Exchanges between of designs can be made (subject to the availability of other designs). In this case, the backer would incur the additional cost of shipping.

Thanks for Your Support!!

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