Interreligious Action for the ATT

Religious leaders and communities have the potential to play an instrumental role in the success of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). They are frequently the first to recognize and speak up about the devastating impact of irresponsible arms use on communities and the moral duty to regulate the trade of these deadly devices. These communities can be critical in providing education and information about the Treaty and building networks for advocacy and monitoring.

The Declaration

As the world?s governments come together to negotiate an Arms Trade Treaty, it is important that the world?s faith communities also give voice to their concern about the humanitarian suffering caused by irresponsible arms transfers and urge governments to remain mindful of their responsibility to negotiate the strongest possible treaty. The Interfaith Declaration is a sign-on letter created by several member organizations of the Control Arms Coalition.

The Declaration was originally drafted by Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation (SweFOR), Caritas France and CCFD -Terre Solidaire and recently revised by a working group of approximately 15 organizations, who constitute the Interfaith Working Group of the Control Arms Coalition.

Since the launch of the Interfaith Declaration with the Dozen Days of Action (September 21-October 2), the declaration has been signed by more than 40 religious leaders and nearly 70 faith-based organizations located in more than ten countries. The declaration will remain available for signature until it is presented to governments ahead of the 2012 treaty negotiations.

The Control Arms coalition encourages religious leaders, organizations and people of all faiths to take action by adding their signature to the Interfaith Declaration on the ATT. To sign the declaration, please Control Arms.

View a current list of religious leaders and faith-based organizations that have signed the Declaration.








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