International Network of Engaged Buddhists
2011 Annual Report
January ? December 2011



Table of Contents

Executive Summary                                                                                                               2
Introduction                                                                                                                              3
A. Socially Engaged Buddhism                                                                                            3
     1. Young Bodhisattva Programme                                                                                   3
     2. Dhammayietra ? Peace Walk                                                                                      5
     3. Think Sangha?s 5th Meeting and Study Tour in India                                                 6
     4. International Collaboration on Three Continents                                                        7
     5. Buddhist Economics                                                                                                     7
     6. Right Livelihood Fund (RLF)                                                                                        9
     7. Buddhist Art                                                                                                                  10
     8. Women in Buddhism                                                                                                   12
     9. Reviving Buddhism in India                                                                                         12
    10. Joint Meeting of INEB?s Executive Committee and the Advisory Council            13
    11. Commemorating Sulak Sivaraksa?s 80th Birthday                                                 13
B. INEB Biannual Conference                                                                                              13
C. Media/Public Relations and Publications                                                                      15
D. Finances                                                                                                                            15
E. INEB?s Future Activities 2012                                                                                          17



Executive Summary
2011 INEB Report

The International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB), Secretariat office based in Bangkok, Thailand, presents its report for the annual year 2011. The INEB network continues to be instrumental at activating Buddhists and other like minded persons and organizations around the world as it seeks harmonious relations through raising awareness and accountability for our actions whether as individuals or organisations.

INEB?s achievements in 2011 occurred at three levels: action, networking and operations as highlighted below:

Action: The success and positive impact of INEB?s work depends on how issues are framed in combination with the particular method used to take action. During 2011 the Young Bodhisattva programme included three components for building future leaders and activists which were the international internship programme, a Socially Engaged Buddhist (SEB) training course and an international youth volunteer workshop. The first cross border peace walk – Dhammyietra – between Thailand and Cambodia took place. Other areas INEB focused on were Buddhist economics; convening an international Buddhist art gathering; creating a Right Livelihood Fund for socially conscious investors and sustainable development through social enterprises; discussing how to assess the needs of women in Buddhism; meeting to examine the need to revive Buddhism in India; and preparing for the climate change conference in 2012.

Networking: During 2011 the network activities certainly had a positive impact strengthening the network?s ability to work effectively, as well as renewing existing relationships and forming new ones. The large network group process was guided with the meeting of INEB?s Executive Committee and Advisory Council following the biannual conference in Bodygaya, India. INEB?s regional Asian hubs are reaching out effectively within their geographical areas. One good example is that Think Sangha met for the fifth time and also conducted a study tour in India as it experienced the varied ways Buddhism is practiced there. Relationships with Western Buddhists were also strengthened during a meeting of International Collaboration on Three Continents that took place in The Netherlands. The most dynamic and far reaching networking activity was the biannual conference that took place in Bodhgaya, India, which attracted Buddhists from all traditions and other like-minded persons from thirty one countries.

Operations: INEB?s leadership team provided more stability and consistent vision during 2011 that positively impacted approaches to implementing programmes. As a network organization INEB?s organizational structure is composed of Patrons, Honorary Advisors, an Advisory Committee and an Executive Committee. The Advisory and Executive Committees convene joint annual meetings. The organisational structure was revised to be more inclusive and representative of INEB?s network during the joint meeting of the Executive committee and Advisory Council in October. Specific information regarding the organisational structure is available on INEB?s website ? The Secretariat?s office is based in Bangkok, Thailand, where it coordinates network activities with a very small staff under the leadership of the Secretariat. Programme activities and new initiatives are guided by working groups composed of network members and partners. Their outreach and communication efforts through media/public relations and publications have also expanded its scope and effectiveness.

Report Content ? The report describes activities in the areas of Socially Engaged Buddhism, INEB Biannual Conference and Media/Public Relations and Publications ? Seeds of Peace that were undertaken by

INEB and its partners. It also includes information about finances and future activities in 2012.

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