Dear Friends,

We are on the cusp of summer here in Berkeley.  Long days alternating between clear sun and evening fog.  When I venture out each day I have to be prepared for several seasons.

Clear View Project has been having a good year so far.  Based on this winter’s visit to India, I have been writing a short book that centers on the lives of Nagaloka students, exploring the history of untouchability, B.R. Ambedkar’s Dalit movment, and the rebirth of Indian Buddhism.  I hope to have a draft done by the end of this month.

Our networking between Nagaloka in India and resources here in the U.S. is bearing fruit.  An anonymous donor is coming forward with a large donation directly to Nagaloka, supporting the women’s program there for a year.  Very exciting.

In Burma we are very close to formalizing a partnership between the Fetzer Institute in Michigan — whose program focuses on forgiveness and reconciliation — Spirit in Education Movement (SEM) — a Thailand-based nonprofit I have worked with in the circle of Sulak Sivaraksa — and Clear View.  This ambitious project will train nearly forty Burmese activists in the course of a six-week residential program in peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

Also in Burma, we are involved in a cooperative project to publish a Burmese-language of an anthology of the Buddha’s social teaching — in his own words — “Fostering Social Harmony.”  This collection was assembled in English by the great translator Bhikkhu Bodhi.  I have added an introduction and working on exercises to accompany the texts.

In India, Burma, Thailand, in prisons in the U.S., and among western engaged Buddhists, Clear View has been freely sharing the funds and resources you have generously given us.  We provide books to prisoners, transportation and fees for our Asian friends to travel and train, cushions and basic supplies to young Indians setting up practice groups in their rural communities, and so on.  None of these endeavors are particularly expensive, but in places where there is no place to turn for funding, our gifts can actually provide leverage for social change.

There is more I could say; more I could ask.  But I like keeping these letters short.   I hope you will click on the button above and make a donation to Clear View Project now.  And feel free to get in touch.
Alan Senauke
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