28-29 October, 2011 at YRDP




Muny and Russell gave a welcome on behalf of AFSC and thanked YRDP for providing their office as a venue for the workshop.   Russell introduced the facilitator Charmaine Bacongo (known as Eks-Eks), who is an experienced peace worker from the Balay Mindanaw Foundation in The Philippines.  She is visiting Cambodia both to evaluate AFSC?s support to partners and to lead this workshop on Reflecting on Peace Practice (RPP).  The purpose of the workshop is to give partners a chance to analyze conflict dynamics, the relation of their activities to peace at-large, and ways to make their work more effective.

Eks-Eks invited everyone to introduce themselves, their expectations for this workshop, and what they feel they can contribute.  (See Appendix One for a list of participants and their introductory remarks). The expectations and contributions were summarized as follows:



?    Get to know each other better
?    Learning from each others? experiences
?    What else can we do together in harmony
?    Bring back good practices and to improve our own experiences
?    Connection to the small peace work and connection with international group
?    How peace is measure
?    Openness, smile
?    Learning the progress, challenges, and how to analyze conflict
?    Next steps as we continue help in the peace work with Cambodia and Thailand
?    Process is helpful
?    Interviews
?    Peace around the world


?    Experiences in building peace, on inter ethnic issues (challenges, and work)
?    Small, small peace work to share to contribute to peace in the world
?    Information
?    Points of view from different perspectives (youth etc?)
?    Minutes


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