January ? December 2005 Phang Nga Province


ACTIVITIES IN THE YEAR 2005 (January – September 2005)
Main Activities Spiritual Trauma Healing and Community Rebuilding for Tsunami Survivors

The national calamity of tsunami that hit many provinces of Siam since end of 2004 traumatized many people, especially the poor and ethnic minority. INEB organized healing program and community rebuilding in 3 villages that are affected by tsunami. The year-long program aims at providing trauma healing to villagers, training local monks and nuns to have skill in helping tsunami survivors and supporting villagers in building their community again.

The 2005 ?Young Bodhisattva? International Youth Buddhist Leadership Training for Spiritual Resurgence and Social Innovation

22 May – 30 June 2005  SEM and Wongsanit Ashram

The training brought 30 young Buddhists including monks and nuns from countries/regions such as Bangladesh, Nepal Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Tibet in exile, India and Ladakh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia and Siam in the learning camp. Topics which are covered in the training is understand of current paradigm of development, Buddhist perspective of development, leadership skill and meditation retreat.

Other Activities Participation / Co-organizing Activities

Besides the main activities mentioned above, we also have involved in a number of activities. The following are selected important events.

Interfaith Cooperation Strategic Planning Meeting
14-22 January 2005 Mumbai, India

INEB continued to participate in the effort to strengthen cooperation and understanding among different faith communities in Asia. In February 2005, it took part in drafting action plans, which include initiatives such as Interfaith School of Peace, Post tsunami camp and Asian Interfaith Day

Asia Post-tsunami Camp 14 – 20 May 2005  Malaysia

INEB brought some local people who suffered from tsunami from Thailand to share their sufferings with fellows from Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. The camp aimed to provide moral support as well as to seek for concrete support to the survivors.

Socially Engaged Buddhist Workshop for Shan Youth
8 ? 10 September 2005

INEB was invited to jointly conduct a workshop for young Shan Buddhists as a part of long training for social activists.

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