Enlightenment and Liberation: Engaged Buddhists and Liberation Theologians in Dialogue


Wed, 17 Apr, 2013 – Sat, 20 Apr, 2013

This international conference promises to be of historic uniqueness and importance.  It brings together Buddhist and Christian activists and scholars from around the world to discuss the unnecessary sufferings that afflict persons and planet today.

If widespread suffering, due to what Buddhists call greed and Christians call injustice, can serve as a common ground for dialogue, what are the similarities and differences in the ways Buddhists and Christians diagnose and seek to remedy these problems? What can they learn from each other and how can they collaborate in their common goal of ending suffering?

In addition to a core of invited participants, the conference is open to observer-participants.  It will also provide the occasion for final farewells to Prof. Paul Knitter who will be moving on to retirement in June.

Location: James Memorial Chapel
Fees: General Admission $300
Student Admission $150
Contact: jungkyeongil@gmail.com
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