#INEB2013 Closing and Tea Retreat

A fitting end to the an inspiring and productive weekend.On behalf of the working committee & volunt...

  • Seeds of peace Vol.30 No.1 May_August 2014

  • #INEB2013 Closing and Tea Retreat

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Nuclear abolition resource launched at assembly of 600 religious leadersNuclear abolition resource launched at assembly of 600 religious leaders

Nuclear weapons pose an existential threat to humanity, say religious leadersReligious believers must act to bridge the political divides that fuel the nuclear arms race Religions... Read more

BPF Gathering Aug 29-31, 2014BPF Gathering Aug 29-31, 2014

Now Open! BPF Gathering Aug 29-31, 2014 Posted by: TW Editor Posted date: April 21, 2014 In: Articles | comment : 1 BPF National Gathering August 29–31, Oakland, California Send us your Mandala Form... Read more

The plural society and its enemiesThe plural society and its enemies

Our departing South-East Asia correspondent explains how the “plural society” remains key to understanding the region’s problems Aug 2nd 2014 | JAKARTA, SINGAPORE AND YANGON | From the... Read more

interfaith summit on climate change 2014interfaith summit on climate change 2014

Ajahn Sulak Sivaraksa will represent INEB athttp://www.interfaithclimate.org/   Read more

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Reflections on 22 May 2014 CoupReflections on 22 May 2014 Coup

I suggested that we become interested in PLAYBOY magazine (seehttps://www.facebook.com/ sulak.sivaraksa/posts/ 10152186019152798) because I felt that now is the time to rely on humor more than sorrow,... Read more

2014 Coup: Old Wine in a New Bottle?2014 Coup: Old Wine in a New Bottle?

  At first sight, the most recent coup d’état on 22 May 2014 seemed to have learned admirably well from the failures of the previous coup... Read more

Sustainable Education - Inspiring the Next Generation

Sustainable Education - Inspiring the Next Generation Permaculture magazine | Wednesday, 12th March 2014        How do we help our children reconnect with Nature and learn about sustainability, especially... Read more

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international Project on Energy: Introductioninternational Project on Energy: Introduction

Societies of Sustainability and Sufficiency:Learning from Fukushima & Building Green Temple Communities September 26-October 4, 2014 – Japan Juko-in, a solar powered green temple community inside Tokyo In... Read more

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